About US:



We're much more than alive and kicking.

The Illinois Club of Tellico Village is a social organization (as you can see by our motto) where volunteers organize activities and events of interest for our members. The "Activities" category of our website will assist you in discovering the types of activities you could be enjoying with us. 

Club activities are broadcast via Email to members, posted on this website, published in local papers and on Tellico Village Broadcasting.  The most current information is available through emails and this website.

The annual Illinois Club membership dues are $5 per individual or $10 per household, renewable in January of each year.  Mail/phone information and a membership application form are available in the “Contact” category on this site.

How do I become a member? It's usually a matter of just showing up and presenting a "fiver" or a good check. Membership is available to former residents of the Land of Lincoln. Yes, it counts if you are/were married to or dating a former Illinois resident If you think you might have spent a night one time in a Champaign-Urbana area motel room - that counts, too. You must also pass a short quiz (this is open-book and Google-friendly). A passing score is 50% - so, yes, a monkey in Brookfield Zoo has a good shot at achieving membership.

Membership qualification questions:

  • Which three former Illinois governors served prison sentences?
  • True or False: Atlanta, Charlotte, Knoxville, Metropolis and San Jose are all cities in Illinois.
  • True or False: Charles Mount, the highest point in Illinois, is more than 1,200 ft elevation.
  • But, will it sell in Peoria? - Which river passes through Peoria?
  • True or False: "A Taste of Chicago" refers to heavy air pollution?
  • Which city contains the most southern point in Illinois?
  • If you are standing in Quincy looking across the mighty Mississippi, which state are you seeing?
  • Tie breaker: If a plane crashes on the Illinois / Wisconsin state line (near the oleo / cheese outlets) in which state do they bury the survivors?
Our 2018 Officers and Board Positions Are Held By:
    President: Larry Mau
  Treasurer: Maybeth Graening
  Membership: Linda Klein
  Board Members: Sue Valle
Jean Dowd
Mark & Sue Kovar
Ed & Mickey Hostick

  Key Support: Jason Graening  -- Official Photographer, Web Master