Bingo -- May 2, 2015 -- Doug's Place  

The first ever Wine Bingo and Buffet was held last Saturday. We had 55 members in attendance and had a great time. It was a party atmosphere and the daubing action was fast and competitive. Interspersed with the number calling, there was a sprinkling of Illinois trivia and humor (and sometimes both). We played 10 games and had 13 lucky winners of a bottle of wine direct from Binny’s Beverage Depot Vineyard in St Charles, IL. The Bingo balls bounced in favor of: Julia McDivitt, Lesia Kotlinksi, Dave Warfel, Marilyn Kanwischer, Cindy Shep, Sue Valle Parker, Pat O’Malley, Jan Sampson, Emily Hosty, Jim Middleton, Linda Klein and Maybeth Graening. For those of us that did not win, remember the Cubs motto, “just wait until next year”.