Hiwassee River Rail Adventure --

October 10, 2015 -- Etowah, TN!

We began planning this trip back in August and the day finally arrived for 27 club members to experience this adventure. The cool misty weather did not deter our intrepid group. Even a little drizzle inside the bus that transported our group to the Gee Creek State Park boarding location did not dampen our spirits. Needing an umbrella inside the bus was quite funny actually, just ask Maybeth! The train passed through several locations that were once utilized by the railroad back in its heyday. One of the conductors provided banjo music , song (Rocky Top of course) and stories. Seems like our final destination was just a stones throw from Bugtussle TN.

At the end of the day, we all had a good time and returned home to watch the VOLS snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. By the way, if you notice in one of the pictures above, the town of Copperhill, TN is divided by the state line with the town of McCayville, GA. What a coincidence that UT was playing a big game against Georgia. I was hedging my bets by leaning toward the TN state line. Additional pictures will be posted on our website (Illinoisclub.org) in the near future.